Case Study

Wine and Cheese Event Campaign

Find out how your company can "taste the success" with variable 1-to-1 marketing and increase your campaign response rates.

Case Study

Vertical Market Campaign

Discover how your company can make a positive impact on your target. Grab the attention and impress any business with fast, affordable personalized marketing.

Case Study

1-to-1 Marketing Award-Winning Campaign

Check out this award-winning approach and discover how your business can capture the attention it deserves.

Case Study

Golf VIP Award Winner Campaign

Make an impact with uniquely personalized direct mailers and cross channel marketing. View this award-winning direct marketing and cross channel marketing campaign to learn more.

Case Study

Calendar Campaign

View this award-winning marketing campaign to find out how cross-media can revive old customers relationships, increase response rates and drive clients back to your business to gain new accounts or grow existing ones.


Welcome to Eden Cross-Media where our main focus is on creating unique and highly effective Cross-Media campaigns. Our goal is to help you get your target market's attention in any way, shape, or form. We combine one-to-one marketing strategies with multiple media channels to create an engaging and memorable experience for your target. As part of a full service advertising agency in Toronto, we know the value and importance of having eye-catching creative that works to get you the results you need.

Cross-Media Benefits

By synchronizing online and offline marketing efforts, you are able to speak to your clients in a variety of ways and have their attention throughout the entire process. Sending target audiences multichannel messages...

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