Alphagrphics Calendar Campaign

AlphaGraphics is a network of over 260 independently owned businesses that provide a full range of solutions for design. Their areas of expertise include digital, offset and large-format printing; marketing communications; promotional products, digital archiving, and mailing services for small-to-medium sized businesses and corporate entities. AlphaGraphics is focused on leveraging today’s communications technologies to provide their clients with complete solutions for their marketing communications and document management needs.


  • To promote the design and print solution capabilities of AlphaGraphics.

  • To demonstrate how cross-media can be used and how it benefits a brand.

  • To collect updated client demographic information.


  • To effectively demonstrate the power and uniqueness of a personalized cross-media campaign.

  • To gather clients personal demographic information in a way that is non-invasive and in an environment that they are willing to give up the information.


  • Using AlphaGraphics professional design techniques, individual and personalized calendars were sent to existing and perspective clients of AlphaGraphics. Each calendar contained a Personalized URL (PURL) inviting the recipient to visit an online Web site to receive a gift card of their choice.

  • Once the recipient arrived at the PURL, they were prompted to fill out personal demographic information such as, address, email, phone number, etc., in order for their ‘free gift card’ incentive to be delivered. The recipient was also asked to choose from the gift card options.

  • After the information was filled in and the gift option was chosen, a personalized thank you message was delivered.


  • The results of this campaign were more successful than any of the campaigns AlphaGraphics had done prior.

  • After mailing out the first round of calendars, 8.0% of the recipients had visited their PURL and filled out the demographic information.

  • By the end of the second round of mailings, 13.5% of the total recipients visited their PURL and filled out the demographic information. Compared to an average mass mailing response rate of 1%, these results prove the effectiveness of personalized cross media campaigns.

  • AlphaGraphics experienced new business solely as a result of the design and personalization of calendars and PURL landing page.

  • Campaign Awards:
    2010 XMPie Best-of-the-Best Contest Award
    2010 Web2Awards Best-in-Category winner for Cross-Media Marketing

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